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No busses,  no minors,  no smoking,  no frowning and  no guest dogs. Now, if you don’t mind what we don’t have, you are sure to like what we do have:

*Authentic hand crafted wines of quality and conscience.
*Personal and respectful winegrower attention.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY With appointment only visitation not only do we enjoy the respectful company of serious wine novices and experts but so do they. We are not about the party, we are about the wine and its journey into your glass. With fifty years of winemaking experience, we are very close to getting it right. Join us for a sometimes humorous, sometimes irreverent, always stimulating organoleptic experience at Westbrook Wine Farm Vineyard and Winery. Thank you. 559-868-3499

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Welcome to Westbrook Wine Farm

the Winery

Westbrook Wine Farm is a vineyard and winery in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of eastern Madera County, California, near Bass Lake and Yosemite National Park. Our mountain vineyards are planted to  field blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Gros Verdot and Carmenere. We practice sustainable farming and minimalist winemaking. We make our wine in the traditional Claret style by co-fermenting grapes, rather than by making separate varietal wines and blending them. Our Fait Accompli includes six and our Museum, three of the eight red varieties permitted for use in Bordeaux or Meritage style wines.

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April 2015 Ray Krause interview with Rich Rodriguez

winery of the year award

Wesbrook Wine Farm received the 2014 "Winery of the Year" award. Madera, Calif.- The Madera Vintners Association recently honored three wine industry professionals who have shaped the region's winemaking success at the 3rd annual "Evening of Accolades" awards dinner on March 20, 2014 at San Joaquin Wine Company. The four course wine dinner was catered by The Painted Table, and was emcee'd by Alex Delgado, host of KSEE 24's Central Valley Today show. Read more...

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It's very rare that you get to sit with the winemaker himself and be educated, with great detail, about every nuance and decision that goes into making their wines.  I've never had an experience quite like this before. Ray is witty, patient, and bursting with knowledge when it comes to sharing his passion for winemaking. And the wines...everything we tasted was a delight to the palette. There's something here for everyone, but you have to go there to taste for yourself. You will not only leave here with a memorable experience, like we did, but you'll be leaving with a carload of wine and be telling your friends to visit, just as we did. So thankful we made an appointment! Enjoy!


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Westbrook Wine Farm on the radio:

Listen to the interview!

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Tonight, your Magnificent (Fait Accompli) Evolution waited a decade to perfectly lift all the flavor notes of our sautéed chard, leeks, roasted red beets, garlic and potatoes, and bleeding NY steaks. Great things happen to those who wait. I thank the heavens for your craft.

March 2014

Rickey's in Novato, CA

"We had a marvelous dinner at Rickey's in Novato - and you made it spectacular! Thank you!"

Jarel and Joan

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A truly remarkable experience is awaiting you at Westbrook Wine Farm. Perhaps because we, as grower / winemakers, personally greet and pour for all of our visitors, all the time. Possibly, it's our stone fireplace and the rustic authenticity of our earth-bermed Foothill Barn style winery. It could even be our earned reputation for wines which will hold their own among the world's best. No doubt, your short trip through our wooded hillsides will help set the mood.

What we think you will find even more remarkable will not only be in front but, also alongside you. Young adults, seasoned citizens, expert and novice alike sharing their views and passion for good wine and good people. People like you, leisurely sharing civilized conversation and their wine experience with us. We are proud to admit that we have never had a guest with whom we would not wish to shake or hold hands. Truly remarkable!

Please call 559-868-3499 or email us at to secure your confirmed reservation. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Elevation: 1441 FT (439 M)

By Appointment Only. Must be 21. A non-smoking property.

Cher Mr. Martineaux,

Cette correspondance transcontinentale et transocéanique me réjouit, non seulement par son efficacité, mais surtout par sa possibilité, de joindre, aussi  simplement, des personnes presqu'anonymes qui communient dans leur appréciation du vin. 

Les grappes de ces vignobles, situés aux contreforts des Sierras Nevada, bénéficient de soleil intense mais aussi de nuits plus douces et moins étouffantes qu'elles le sont au plat de la grande vallée San Joaquin qu'elles surplombent. C'est donc un climat méditerranéen mais aussi plus modéré qui permet d'infuser une intensité, quelque peu contenue, dans une co-fermentation unique de cabernets divers, ancrée dans se terroir particulier de l'est de la Californie.

Il en résulte une structure solide, qui permet une longue garde en cave, des tanins onctueux, mais aussi un fruit complet et complexe, qui varie entre le pruneau, la cerise, et, en cherchant bien, le cassis, tous révélés par une acidité stable et discrètement révélatrice.

Cette bouteille vous attend. Elle murmure depuis longtemps des promesses uniques à elle, et vous chuchotera des notes lointaines et exotiques lors du somptueux sacrifice.

Joyeux Noël!

Fredo Martin

Westbrook Wine Farm Chardonnay, Lodi, 2010

A wonderful example of why you must taste everything. The words "Lodi" and "Chardonnay" don’t naturally co-exist in my wine lexicon, as I think of Lodi as too warm to bring out its best. Once again, I stand corrected. Ray Krause has teased out some fabulous flavors and textures here, creating a wine more in tune with cold-weather wines – perhaps more "French Burgundy" than "Big Napa". Either way, this is a very grown-up chardonnay, one that beats the pants off wines costing twice as much.”   SNH


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"Dearest Ray and Tammy,

This is just a quick “Thank You” for our tasting yesterday. It is always a pleasure to be welcomed into your wonderful world of wine. We know that we are very special people from the minute we arrive. Your new addition, Mark was delightful and very funny. We continue to rate your establishment as our favorite, because you always make us feel like family. It is truly a personal experience and our friends Sherri and John Uber are in full agreement. There are some nice places on the Trail, but none of them compare. Thank you again for a great time and we hope this is another successful year for you."

Sincerely, Karen
Coarsegold, CA

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Q: Hi guys..Which one of your wines do you feel would pair nicely with my Seared Asian Tofu dish Lots of complex flavors ..with a decent amount of heat..thanks so much in advance..

Ron Badach at Callicoon Kitchen

A: Honey, ginger and lime!

We can recommend with much confidence our 2009 Viognier “Old School” which boasts layers of much the same sensations and flavors as your signature dish.

It’s oak barrel fermented and lees aged for complexity and spice.  It also has a very natural way of fusing with garlic to form a rich, nutty expression.

Glad you asked Ron, thanks.

Ray and Tammy

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