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"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures."

Michael Broadbent


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Like any great wine region, Fresno also has its resident tortured-genius iconoclast: winemaker Ray Krause, whose Westbrook Wine Farm ( sits in the forested foothills between Fresno and Yosemite, excitingly tucked into a private valley that’s completely invisible from the highway. Every person with wine knowledge I spoke to in Madera County agreed that Krause is one of the most skilled winemakers in the region, if not its preeminent talent. Be warned: Visits are by-appointment only and Krause will insist on a two-hour commitment, so he can properly verse you in the nuances of his operation. If you’re tardy for the appointment – either due to the lack of signage, or the absence of cellular coverage to guide you onto the primitive mountain road that leads you to the winery – he’ll lock the gate and cancel your visit.
Were it true I knew this from second-hand information. Oh, well. The day is young, and wineries here are plentiful. 

Craig Outhier,  Phoenix Magazine  May 2022

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Sat down for dinner tonight with a 2017 (Brand X) Winery Graciano. One taste convinced both Anne Marie and I it was just another over the top, high alcohol (16%) Paso Robles Parkeresque fruit bomb jam in a glass. Yuck.\ Bought it on a whim and blind. Lesson learned. So, back to the cellar in a panic as dinner was served. Your Museum was on the same row as the (Brand X) so out it came. Stunning. Layers of flavors. Complexity. Subtlety. Delicious. Outstanding. Just another consistently excellent WWF gem.

Randy and Anne Marie

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Ray - just wanted to thank you again for hosting us last Friday. Our tasting experience with you at Westbrook is second to none. We appreciate your hospitality and kindness to us through the years (and the wine is fabulous, too!). Hope to see you again sometime in 2017.
All the very best to you.

 Greg in Redlands, CA

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Hi Ray,

Donna and I are finally home from our wonderful Bass Lake family vacation and I wanted to send you an email to let you know how much we enjoyed our visit to your excellent winery. Everything you served during our tasting was absolutely delicious. I will continue to spread the word about world class wines. It was great getting a chance to visit with you and to hear your excellent taste in doo-wop music. What a treat!
Until next time, keep making your beautiful vino and I'll continue to play the hits.

Best, Gary

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Ray & Tammy,

We all got home safely and we have fabulous wines to remember our visit.  It was such a pleasure re-visiting your wines and getting an opportunity to learn more about the grapes and wine making process.  To us Westbrook Wine Farm is the epitome of what a true
winery should be.... Smart - Courteous - Honest.   We look forward to seeing
you again!! 

Sincerely,    Cathy C.

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Ray ,
We opened our last 2004 FA tonight. A spur of the moment pairing selection. W.ow. Simply Wow. Glorious, superbly balanced and beautifully integrated fruit. Tannins soft and mellow. Wonderfully long finish.  Outstanding.  Don't know when you may have last tried one of these, but FYI, this vintage is singing the Ode to Joy, with the Hallelujah Chorus as a wrap up, at present. Spectacular wine.  Well done.   All the best.  Merry Christmas to you and Tammy. 

Randy Holliday

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Dear Tammy and Ray. I wanted to congratulate and thank you for participating in the wine festival. This year Barry had many local wineries. I think all agree that the wines of our area are really good. Even good wine tasters felt yours was the best. I do not consider myself any more than a common taster except on rare occasion. Sunday I put my big boy taster hat on. Yours was really the best.

Sincerely, Kevin L.

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Couldn't resist the urge to let you know how much we liked the Viognier. Our last night in California before heading home, we ate at a Tapas restaurant, and rather than suitcase the wine for the trip home, we brought it. Really a fabulous Viognier for a 2009!!!
Assuming that the shipping works out, would like to amend the case of whites to have 3 Viognier, and 3 each of the other 3 whites if possible. A shame if this Viognier vineyard is no longer available to you.


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Hello Ray and, thanks so much for spending so much time with us yesterday. We both enjoyed our visit very much. Here is the reference to the lees. It is in Isaiah 25:6 . Various Bible translations give different shades to the words, but the overall reference is to a banquet which God will give at the end of time when evil is destroyed. And in this mountain the LORD of hosts will make for all people a feast of choice pieces, a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, of well-refined wines on the lees. I also investigated the meaning of “mineral” in the wine world, and found it to cover a whole bunch of tastes and sensations, but the one I liked best, and which is closest to what I was trying to say yesterday, is: “an expression of place”.
Again, many thanks! Best wishes,


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Hello Ray and Chef,

For the 3 wines that will be served I would suggest (but not be limited to!) the following:

Über Rhenish: (Dry Riesling): This style is truly unique and I dare you to find any California Riesling with such searing acidity. Pairs well with your more saline style of shellfish like oysters, but would also be a good contrast with the sweetness of shrimp and a red pepper remoulade. It will refresh any crudités and, for the Austrian in you, try this with your favorite style of Schnitzel. Oh! and pickled King Oyster mushroom would also be wonderful.

Museum Vineyard: Sourced from distinct heritage Cabernet Sauvignon clones, a dollop of Gros Verdot and Malbec. All co-fermented. Slap these babies on Vertical Cordon Trellis’ and you going to get major fruit exposure. Pair this with any wild game protein like grilled Lamb with Mignonette, Peppers or Charred Radicchio, would also pair well, as ours tends to be milder. Grilled Beef with Arugula purée. Dark mushrooms like Black Trumpet.

Fait Accompli “Prodigy”: Being that Fait Accompli tends to be a 15+ year wine, in its youth it needs something hearty, but balanced. Think grilled Bison with blackberry (yum!), smoked Venison with Chestnuts and Black Garlic or Coffee Crusted with Dates. A Smoked Duck Strudel with Pot Roasted Spring Vegetables and and a rich Cherry/Lingonberry Butter or Cherry Grilled Polenta Cake. Smoked and/or salt roasted Sunchokes with Roasted Mushrooms and/or Smoked Mushrooms and/or Grilled Mushrooms. A Flageolet or Catalan Bean and Sausage Stew with Mint would do the trick as well. Mint because of the old-world style of this wine.

Many thanks, Sam at EEH

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