Consider this...

"Any two wines are more alike than wine and water"

 the late Joseph Heitz on rinsing between tastes




Über Rhenish Dry Riesling
Madera County

Intentionally in more the Austere Austrian style than like either a Rhein or Mosel, Uber Rhenish Dry Riesling is the quintessential raw fish accompaniment. Crisp and sassy with a hint of the expected Riesling “petrol”. Barrel fermentation to total dryness serves to bevel the naturally sharp edges of this naturally acidic fruit.  Uber Rhenish will make you smile and have you asking for more. That’s a good thing.

"Riesling is hands-down the best food wine in the world. Its balance of intense acidity, minerality, and fruit makes it an especially good match for spicy foods and the mix of ethnic flavors popular in the West."

Sara Schneider, Sunset Magazine

" Dear Ray,

The editors at Wine Enthusiast have rated and reviewed the following wines. All ratings and reviews of wines evaluated will appear live on our website as of September 1.

A selection of ratings and reviews will appear in the buying guide of the Wine Enthusiast magazine in the September 2007 issue. 

90 POINTS Wine Enthusiast Magazine - Editors Choice - Westbrook Wine Farm - 2006 - Uber Rhenish - Dry Riesling - Madera - $17 "

These wines are made from hand-sorted bunches, grown by other farmers of conscience whom  we know to have a passion, parallel to our own, for growing fruit of intensity and quality.

Petite Sirah   
John Simpson Vines  
Madera County

Highly extracted and unmitigated from John Simpson's own-rooted vines in Madera. Naturally proud tannins and alcohol reminiscent of the bold 1960s creations of young doctors Bennion and Bruce. A more floral than fruit forward red wine. Pairs best with sage rubbed, flame charred venison.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Peterson Family
Vineyard  Lodi

... this old head-trained and spur-pruned vineyard in the Lodi / Woodbridge area provides great fruit with which to work. 

Dark cherries, dark roses, chocolate, truffles, cedar and Cabernet Sauvignon fruit.  100% Cabernet Sauvignon .

Ray and Tammy

Hope both are well. I can report that we (Maureen, who works for me, and I) were unable to keep our hands off of your Peterson Cab, and so opened a bottle Wed. after you dropped it off - sorry I missed you, by the way. Initially, we couldn't place the thing - extreme ripeness and obvious density, along with a kind of awkward disjointedness were the first impressions. Consider. Close bottle. Yesterday, I returned to the 80%-full bottle that spent the night in a 55-degree vinotemp, to find something still dense and ripe, but now supple and smooth in texture, with slightly charred black fruit notes, still very dense but terrifically balanced with a new structure, and now enlived particularly by a lovely background of vanillins that had not been expressed the first day. The wine really came into focus and took shape overnight. It reminded me very strongly (and this is one of the reasons I'm writing this) of a number of the best wines I've tasted from the French Southwest, especially those wonderful plummy, roasty Madirans that contain some Cab and Cab Franc, but are principally based on Tannat. Yours was certainly not as rough or tannic as their regular bottlings, this wine reminds me of certain of those vintners' prestige cuvees: muscled, but with a kind of emergent refinement. 

Well, I don't drink those wines here, so tasting yours caused me for the first time in a while to think of certain dinner parties we used to have, especially those for which my Toulousian roommate would cook something from home, and we would buy those gutsy wines from her region to go with. Those were great evenings.

I can't wait to see what the last half of the bottle will taste like today.

All the best to you both,


I had a 2005 Peterson cab last night and it was just fabulous. So rich and concentrated. I decanted because it is so huge and young and tannic. Age worthy is an understatement. I probably drank ¾ of the bottle myself. My poor mother barely got a taste. I had a Matanzas Creek cab a couple nights earlier ($35 at the winery) and it was frighteningly inferior to your Peterson. I still have half that bottle in the frig. I can't bear to drink it after the Peterson.

Richard, Scotts Valley, CA


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Tammy! I have a lovely story to share with you both. This Christmas, I was able to spend Christmas Day will the woman of my dreams here in Gatineau. We hosted Christmas dinner for her extended family. I opened your Riesling to go with our appetizers and it was delicious. It seems a bit more luscious than last year, a bit rounder, which I prefer. I had opened a bottle of your 06 Peterson Family Cab around 11 am Christmas morning to give it a little air before dinner. No decanter, just an open bottle sitting quietly on a buffet. Around 5 pm, I poured myself a small taste. It was very, very good. The nose was incredibly intense and rich. The color was almost opaque. The fruit was concentrated, lush and just filled your mouth with pleasure. It had great weight and length. The structure held all this together like a symphony. To my palate, it was really quite exceptional.

One of my future relatives, an economist in his mid-thirties, saw the expression on my face and we started talking about the wine. I explained that we will be pouring your signature wine at our wedding and this wine was not as good. I poured him a glass. He was very impressed, asked me how much it cost. He wants me to bring him half a case the next chance I get. He appreciated the beautiful flavors in his mouth that day but also knows enough to appreciate the age-worthiness of this wine. He wants to lay 4 bottles down for a few years (10 if he can resist that long) and drink a couple bottles short term.

My future father-in-law asked for a glass and had the same reaction. Your Peterson Family Cab was the toast of Christmas Dinner. I just wish I had brought more than one bottle. So kudos to you and Tammy for blowing the socks off the French palates up here in Quebec once again! They know wine and they consistently love yours. I don't mean to denigrate other fine wines but I must also tell you that we finished your Peterson fairly quickly. The wine that followed was a L'Aventure Optimus, a beautiful and well-known wine that is always a crowd favorite (a Syrah/Cab blend). Unfortunately, it faired very poorly in comparison to your lovely Cab. We didn't even finish the bottle. Side by side comparisons can be brutal.

Please reserve two cases of the Peterson and also two cases of the Sturm-Gardner for me. I plan to come visit in January (hopefully) and I'll pick them up then.

Warmest regards, your very proud fan, Richard

Cabernet Sauvignon  
UCD Clone 4

Sturm Gardner Vineyard
Mariposa County

Our clients now refer to it as "C-4" for its explosive mineral, herbal and forest floor expressions. Fashioned from hand selected bunches from two acres of the ever shy old clone four grown at 3,000 feet in elevation in the mountains of Mariposa.

Viognier / Valdiguie
Madera County

Our proprietary blend of these grapes grown in select vineyards in Madera County. Whole cluster pressed and barrel fermented, bottled early to preserve its beguiling characteristics. Viognier contributes its unique tropical / melon sensations and silky glycerol textures, while  the white juice extracted from the very black Valdiguie (formerly Napa Gamay) brings strawberries and a sassy crispness to the mix.. The new flash-toasted Eastern European oak barrels are responsible for the sweet vanilla and spice which tie this unique cuvée together. 

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